I am a certified Professional Healer, Life Activation Practitioner, and Ritual Master Novice, within the lineage of King Salomon as well as a Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in individual and couples counseling. I am passionate about assisting others in moving towards their highest potential often integrating the spiritual with the psychological to get deeper and push further.

My enthusiasm for this work is born out of the culmination of many serendipitous moments and life experiences. Dealt a pretty chaotic and dark hand as a child, I learned to be strong, resilient, optimistic and to have the courage to remain compassionate to those around me. To see the light in others, however dim, rather than focusing on the dark. What started as a means for survival grew into one of my greatest gifts- seeing people for who they really are, for who they can be. A gift I’m passionate about spreading.

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.
— Carl Jung

I believe I was born to be a healer, to support in shifting and pushing one to reach the next step in their personal evolution. My undergraduate study in Psychology and graduate degree in Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy were the first steps in really understanding the human condition and how to be of the greatest service to those in need.

I enjoy supporting people in shifting the view of their life. To look at all the struggles endured as opportunities for growth, practicing under the guiding principle that we have the choice to consider all that has happened to us as a gift- a lesson teaching us exactly what we need in order to grow taller, stronger and brighter.

There is a crack. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.
— Leonard Cohen

There was a point in my personal journey when I realized I needed to dig a little deeper for my own healing. That while I was able to turn many of my challenges into strengths, there was something left dormant, a block or piece missing needed in order to truly flourish.

A Soul Retrieval and Cord Cutting were the first spiritual healings I received and it did something I couldn’t explain logically. I was a newly improved version of myself and felt an incredible sense of wholeness. There was a complete shift in how I viewed things and how I viewed myself. It was the first conscious contact I had with my spiritual essence, my higher self. I quickly realized after the transformation that I had a piece missing from the puzzle, there was an aspect that needs attention, support and healing- the soul, the spirit.

I found it interesting that we have a doctor for almost everything but the spirit, a vital part of our being. Propelled by this thought, I began to search for tools that could support people in progressing forward in a greater way.

I found the Modern Mystery School nearly 3 weeks after I made a declaration to the Universe of what I needed to do in order to better serve. I jumped in head first and have experienced, personally and through my clients, the power of the tools handed down from the Lineage of King Solomon.

Through my personal work physically, psychologically and spiritually, I realized that we are absolutely limitless in terms of potential and that we all have a light that’s waiting to be rediscovered and expanded. I want to help you tap into that light and support you in feeling empowered to live a life full of joy love and light.