Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. It’s not philosophy, it’s physics.
— Albert Einstein

Aura Healing

Our Aura is a large three dimensional energy structure measuring 150 feet in diameter. As we walk through life, our aura can become damaged through many stressors such as trauma, environmental pollutants, ingested toxins like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and being near others who bother, irritate and aggravate us. When our aura is damaged, it impacts us on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. Healing, cleansing and purifying it removes the negative energy and allows us to feel stronger and more vibrant in many ways.

This helps to seal the holes in your energy field created by trauma, substance, physical, emotional, sexual abuse and much more. You will feel lighter, energized, purified and have a greater sense of wholeness. The session is very sacred and contained within an atmosphere of Agape Love, the highest expression of love which is pure, unconditional and selfless.

Shamanic Aura Healing

This is a powerful yet gentle healing that cleanses and clears pollution in your aura. Using the Sutra of the Heart, a Sacred Tibetan Mantra, the unwanted and unserving energies will be released restoring a sense of peace, well-being and harmony. After the lower vibrations are released from your energy field, it will be sealed and protected.

This session works beautifully for those who find themselves in a cycle of negative thinking directed at the self or others.

Sacred Egyptian Aura Healing

Working with the first seven layers of the aura, this modality heals and balances the sacredness of the human body. Using Sacred Geometry and ancient Egyptian rites, it supports in bringing your spirit, soul, thinking, dreaming, astral, planning and action levels back into alignment. As the different parts of yourself become balanced, you will feel whole, complete, supported and purified.

Sacred Rites Crystal Healing

Crystals and ancient rites are used to heal mental, spiritual, and emotional wounds that are buried within your subconscious. This modality can also help bring good fortune for your future.

Ancient Crystal Healing

This ancient healing modality utilizes different crystals laid upon specific areas of the body to enhance your mind, emotions, physical body, ability to make decisions, strength of will, awareness of time, spatial perception, libido, feeling of empowerment and connection to spirit. It is a deeply rejuvenating and relaxing session that will leave you feeling awake,

All sessions are an hour in length and $135 in investment.